Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta(1948-1985) was a Cuban-American artist known for her performance and land art. She uses various media notably including blood, earth and the human body. The main theme of her works include feminism, life, death, violence and identity. She is arguably one of the icons of feminism in twentieth century art, and has had influence […]

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[Gallery] Maurice Cornelis Escher

Maurice Cornelis Escher(1898 – 1972) was an artist born in Netherlands, mosty famously known for his geomatrical illustrations of impossible objects, often utilizing techiniques such as  tesselations and distorted geometry. It is sometimes said that his interest in such geometrical patterns, shapes and impossible objects began from being inspired by Alhambra and the Mosque-Cathedral of […]

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimibolco, Vertumnus, c. 1590-1 The italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo is an odd figure. While famous enough to have been seen by many, he’s rather off-canon to be common in art history textbooks. The surreal paintings of Salvador Dali and René Magritte are well within the flow of the time, but as for Arcimboldo, his portraitesque […]

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