Fear heights? Than this is not for you. The Wansheng Ordovican Theme Park in Chongqing is an ultimate collection of everything scary about heights. The park has everything; from the world’s highest glass walkway, swings, bungee jumps, suspended gap bridges to glass-bottomed hanging bridges. It’s a heaven for thrill-lovers, and a living hell for acrophobes.

World’s Highest Glass Bridge


This bridge is on the Guinness Book of Records as the longest of its kind. While technically not a bridge, the glass panels that hangs precariously on the edge of the cliff makes it feel like a bridge to death. The bridge protrudes 250 feet into the air. The glass bottom give you a clear line of sight. It’s a deadly fall. Lest dirt and dust makes the experience less terrifying, there are cleaners constantly mopping the glass.

The bridge felt safe in general. No more than 30 people are allowed on the bridge at once, and staff on either side of the bridge continuously count the tourists going in and out. Mostly, I was worried about dropping my phone. There are slits and spaces between glass panels and railings that it can conveniently slide through. Once you lose your grip, there is no picking it back up.

In terms of thrill, the bridge is one of the more soft-core amusements in the theme park. Most people manage just fine. Only a few people who went were seen screaming or trembling (or holding onto my clothes – a complete stranger). Nonetheless it’s thrilling enough that it makes you hesitate at first. The occasional shaking typical of suspended bridges only makes it more fun.

The thrill isn’t the only thing the bridge has to offer. The stunning view from the edge makes it even more worthwhile. From about 1000m above sea level, you can enjoy the scenery of Chongiqng’s mountains in all four directions plus down.

Other Amusements of Terror

IMG_5252.jpgThose who can laugh off the glass bridge, can go on to try even more terrifying things. One of those is the gap bridge. Relying on a single rope, you have to walk through the bridge and back. The gravity pulls you toward the ground 500 feet below. There is a easier version with small gaps that you can stride through, and a hard version with gaps so wide that you can only jump. The easy version isn’t too hard; but if you are the daredevil type, or don’t like waiting in long lines, do try the hard version. They always take a photograph of your petrified face. For 20CNY, you can take it as a token of your bravery.

There are several other height-related rides and experiences. Several zip-line rides are utilized as a sort of a transportation. They provide fun as well as quick access to different points in the park. Jungle-themed obstacle courses are available for children. Swings of different sizes and heights will fling you far off the edge and back. You can also go bungee jumping, though disappointingly you won’t jump down the cliff. The park has a variety of other entertainment too. They have typical theme-park rides such as bumper cars and pirate ships. A somewhat irrelevant Thailand-themed performance is also available to those with extra time. In addition, the park lives up to its paleo-esque name with massive dinosaur animatronics. There were no dinosaurs in the Ordovican Period, but who cares, children love it.

The park is situated in Wansheng, about two to three hours ride from downtown Chongqing. The winding road up the mountains can make it a hard trip. It can feel nauseous even for those who are rarely carsick. However, the thrills and the breathtaking scenery makes the long trip worthwhile.